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The official website of the Portland Junior Scientists. Portland Junior Scientists (PJS) is a student-run, community service organization where high school students unite with at-risk youth to explore science, technology, engineering, and mathematics by guiding them through hands-on experiments and discussion with a goal to inspire the students to pursue higher education.



February 2014 Update!

Portland Junior Scientists has had an exciting year so far and is looking forward to what's to come!

In January, we started up at two new locations, Ockley Green School and Boise-Eliot School! At both of these schools, the students are very enthusiastic and everyone has enjoyed all of the lessons so far. The students have learned about topics including chemical and physical changes, acids and bases, and density. They have loved being able to experiment and test their own ideas during these lessons and we have loved getting to know them and seeing their excitement grow even during the little time we have had with them so far!

At Mckay and William Walker, the students had a very exhilarating start to the new year because a guest from OMSI came to teach a lesson! OMSI brought their mobile lesson "Cowabunga Chemistry" to both schools and the students had a great time learning about chemistry by mixing and experimenting with different substances. Their enthusiasm has not faltered since the beginning of the year and everyone loves the weekly lessons at both locations.

At PAST&E, the students have finished working with the robots they built and are now eager to begin new activities! After programming their robots to complete many challenges, including scoring goals with tennis balls and maneuvering through intense multi-level courses they created, the students know they can take on anything we throw at them. While the younger group has been exploring acids and bases and making their own glue, the older students have begun a project in which they get to build model generators using renewable energy. In order to learn about the topics they would be exploring, the students started by researching hydroelectric power and wind power and then presenting their findings to the whole group. They are now busy putting together their wind powered turbine and water powered engine using kits from National Geographic. Everyone is very excited to see how they will work when the students finish!

PJS is enjoying all of its locations and is busy planning for the rest of the year. We are also looking forward to expanding to even more schools and we can't wait to see what 2014 has in store for us!